Hey you guys!

My name is Emily and I am starting this blog primarily to talk about my adventures of transitioning into being a vegan. I know, exciting stuff. But you know what, hey, that’s okay. It’s fun and I hope you enjoy my recipes and help me learn more about cooking vegan! ❤

A little bit about me…

I come from a big family of non-vegans, which makes the transition a little harder. Although I do not live with my parents anymore, it makes going home for Sunday dinners a little bit of a different experience.

I am originally from the suburbs of Chicago but I was living in San Antonio, TX up until this past May 2016. San Antonio has amazing people and amazing tacos! I currently reside in the rad city of Chicago!!

I love to attempt different ethnic dishes but am also a huge sucker for the classics. I am learning to push myself to put my own twist on recipes I love that I find in cookbooks or online.

My grammar is a far cry from proper and not to mention I am still learning and getting the hang of this whole blog thing. Sooooo, please bear with me.

Woohoo! Enjoy and eat your vegan heart out! ❤







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